Extensions for KDDI handsets

AU handsets allow you to create a link which creates a bookmark on the handset:

<a href="device:home/bookmark?url=http://www.mobalean.com/&title=mobalean%20Homepage">bookmark mobalean</a>


Controlling Bookmarks

It is possible to control what (and if) bookmark will be created when a user selects to create a bookmark via the browser menu.

To disable the possibility to create bookmarks, add the following to the head-section:

<meta name="vnd.up.markable" p:forua="true" content="false" />

To control the URL to be bookmarked, add the following to the head-section:

<meta name="vnd.up.bookmark" p:forua="true" content="http://www.mobalean.com/" />

Background Sound

To have a background sound for a page, add the following to the head-section:

<bgsound loop="infinite" src="sound.mid" />

Reference: http://www.au.kddi.com/ezfactory/tec/spec/wap_tag6.html


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