All keitai in Japan can receive e-mail from the Internet. However, there are generally limitations that are not present with regular e-mail, and there are also different kinds of keitai e-mail.


To successfully receive e-mail sent from keitai, your MX record must point to a host and not an IP address.


All docomo handsets have the ability to send and receive Email.

Docomo has a short message service (which costs money) and a free message service (where you can receive short advertising messages without charge) that are entirely separate from the iMode e-mail service, and should not be confused with it.

iMode e-mail addresses always end in, unless your keitai is set to go through an alternate data carrier (a rare occurrence). The maximum length of an e-mail address that most, if not all, phones can deal with is 50 bytes; anything after that will be truncated on receipt, and cannot be entered into the phone when sending.


All email addresses are of the form


Because of SoftBank's history, there are several different patterns for SoftBank handsets.

Mobile Address Patterns

List of mobile addresses:


Bulk Mail



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